Today we made a great deal of progress on the library design. After wandering around Bass library weighing books on a bathroom scale, we were able to determine the average weight for a set number of books. This knowledge is essential for determining the number of books we will be able to put in the library. We determined that our ideal goal would be to have 3000 books. Of course, we will be restricted by the amount of funding we are able to raise and the amount of weight the first floor of the building is able to support. To counter problems with weight we will place the books along the walls (where there is the most support), and distribute the books evenly rather than concentrating them in any specific area of the library.

In other news, we had a wonderful time drawing sketches of the interior of the library, deciding window placement, furniture needs and arrangement, and flooring. We even got so ahead of ourselves towards the end that we were talking about paint color! Afterward, Kelsie made an AutoCAD drawing of the library. We plan to have this printed and a second, more detailed 3D mock-up finished by next week when we meet with Paul. Of course, we will be flexible about the design when it comes time to build, but we want to have well developed concept of the library initially.

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