First Mock-Up Finished

After struggling for over an hour to get the laser cutter to work, we finally were able to print the drawings of our first model. We are very excited about the way it looks after assembly. Paul suggested that we break up the long narrow space we have to work with by adding a small portico on the entrance side. This would mean a little less inside space, but also would allow for an outdoor reading area and a less awkward entrance. Not to mention, the smaller volume would mean that our library would heat up faster!

We were also able to find a great deal of data about Cusco's climate. The climate is perfect for a library with no central heating or cooling system, because the temperature does not change dramatically over the year. Instead of the traditional four seasons, Cusco's year is divided into the rainy season and the dry season. Because of this, the difference is not so much in temperature, but in precipitation.
Finally, we are exploring options for funding the project. More about this soon!

Our First Mock-up of the Library

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